Our First Winter Storm of the Year

th (20)I cannot believe that I did not think to do this earlier in the year but as they say better late than never, right.

Last week different area of the country was hit with a snowstorm. It was a bit unpredictable; at least it was to me, as I was still rocking my sweatshirts and jeans. Heck I have not even purchased my winter coat yet because it seem as if there was not a need for one.

Boy was I mistaken well for a few days I was mistaken. Because just like that we received like six to eight inches of snow, overnight. That quick. One day it was warm for this time of year and everyone was hoping and even believing that this may be a mild winter after the few winters we have to deal with that arctic blast. Nevertheless, behold within thirty-six hours we were digging our way out snow again.

What is worse is the tree in between my house and the neighbors had ten limbs break off it due to the heavy snow and ice. When it fell, it fell onto the power line that runs between our homes. For a few days, our end of our block was without power. During the coldest days, we had this year, it was horrible. IF you have ever been through an ice and snowstorm without heat then you know how horrible that day and a half was for us. If you have not then count yourself as lucky because I would not wish that on anyone. No matter how many layers of clothes you put on you are never fully warm.

I called my power company but they said that they were backed up with all the power outages throughout the county. That it may take a little bit of time for them to send a crew out and take care of everything. They suggested that I have a tree service come out and remove the branches, limbs, and tree if need be. Then call them back to restore the power. I was also informed that they really do not take care of limbs and branches such as that unless it is an emergency.

Lucky for me I just so happen to know someone at this great tree service company and they were able to come out fast to help us in our plight. Although they were swamp with calls throughout the entire city, due to the storm. They were able to make it out to my house for some tree removal by the next day I called.   I really expected to have to wait, but they really understood how extremely cold it is and how dangerous it could be to not have any heat in this type of weather.

The tree service company came out and took care of the limbs and branches. Safely removed them from the power lines without any incident. As soon as they showed, I called my power company. I knew that it would take some time for them to make it to my house, hopefully if I can time everything right they can be pulling as the tree service company is wrapping everything up.

I am a logistic genius. Just as the tree service people was passing the last branch through the wood chipper guess who pulls up. None other than the power company. They quickly worked and restore the power back to my street.

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Gift Giving with a Purpose

thAZISGF8VIt seems that I get older I become more and more conscious and aware of the world around me.   It is as if with age I shed many of my selfish and self-center ways that I never really acknowledge that I had. It is a real epiphany.

With that being said have become interested and involve in the environment and protecting my mind, body and spirit from any outside chemicals and substances.

I was going to some type of party where a gift was warranted. Right now it eludes me as to whom the party was for or for what reason. However, I wanted to give a gift that was personal, environmentally safe and healthy. Something that the person receiving the gift will enjoy and appreciate. Without causing harm to the ecosystem and hopefully help, someone or something live a better life even if it is only a little bit.

Therefore, I started researching and comparing one gift to another. Here are a list of my top five ecofriendly and socially conscious that anyone can enjoy!

  1. Adopt an animal- This is great for the animal lover or lovers in your life. For anyone that is a softy for our four legged, winged, or scaly friends this is the gift for them! A few conservation organization will allow you to adopt an animal. Usually they are endangered and the money that you spend go to conserving their land, providing food, and medical care that they may not receive otherwise.
  2. Give the gift of an event-Who says that a gift must come neatly wrapped in a box? I cannot count the number of gift I received that I did not even take it out of the box. If I am being honest, there are many gift that I have either re-gifted or donated. So this year make their gift a little extra special by giving the gift of a night out. Doing something fun and advert ours that they may not do otherwise.   Maybe tickets to a show or art and drawing lessons. So many activities out there are fun and memorable.
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle-This is my personal favorite. Take something old and revamp it into something new again. This great way to give someone something is personal and unique. Especially if you remake it yourself. Nevertheless, if you are not a do it yourselfer then sites as if Etsy is just for you. Get a one of a kind gift without the becoming frustrated during the process.
  4. Help another reduce their own waste- Although this may not be as sexy as the previously mention gifts it is still a great idea.   Give something that can help the receiver organize and reduce his or her own pollution. Such as monogram reusable lunch bags or water bottles.
  5. Give the gift of deliciousness- Who does not love food?   A food or fruit basket is always a crowd pleaser. On the other hand, create your own basket by filling it with delicious cheeses, crackers, jams, and sweets. Make it very personal by putting items that you know the recipient loves to eat.
  6. Give out digital gifts: everyone and their mother wants to create blogs now, what better gift to give out than great annual coupons so they can start their own blogs? I would go here: http://thewpmillionaire.com/hostgator-coupon-code/

The next time you need or want to give a gift make it a little more personal and a lot more conscious by giving a gift suggested above.

Vacation time

th9EALTFGHI was preparing to go out of town. On a weeklong vacation to Orlando, Florida. The night before my flight I was busy doing the usually things I do when I have to leave my home by itself. I made sure that the lights were set on a timer. There was not any dirty dishes in the snick and that the dishwasher had been emptied. In addition, I boarded my furry friends at the kennel a few miles from my home, as I always do. Just my usual routine.

After that, I packed my bags and double check to make sure that my family had packed theirs as well. Then I made a list of the things to turn off, unplug, and depower before leaving. Set the alarm for seven o’clock in the morning and off to bed I went.

After I woke and went to the bathroom, I started waking everyone else as well. This took some time, but I knew it would. Thinking a head myself a little extra time for just this battle. As everyone got himself or herself together, I started on the list of things to turn down and off. I started by unplugging the televisions and appliances. Then I went to the basement to turn the hot water tank to vacation mode. While I was dealing with the hot water tank, I noticed our furnace was running a little…rough. Not wanting to come home to a problem, I decided to just switch it off. I can deal with that when we return.

As we waited to board our plane, I contacted Lansing’s best heating and cooling company All Star Mechanical. I was able to schedule an appointment to have a technician come out and check our furnace the day after we come back.

I use this Lansing HVAC company a few times before. Each time has been a pleasant experience. They are always professional, kind, and unloadable I would never let any other HVAC company service my heating and cooling systems. I mean it is hard to leave the best.

Anyway, we had a glorious time on our vacation to Orlando, Florida. The weather was perfect and the beaches beautiful. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort, which had everything we could ever want. It was perfect. Oh, and the beaches, my goodness, they are breathtaking. It was just what everyone needed. A moment to relax and unwind, while getting a great tan to boot.

Although we had a great time, it was time to return home. Once again, I have a routine for departure as well. After I completed it a made sure everyone had packed everything. We got into an airport cab and off we were to catch our plane back home.

Once we made it home and unpacked, picked up our pets at the kennel, ordered pizza. We sat around for like an hour watching Netflix then the exhaustion of traveling overcame everyone. That night we all went to bed before the sun went down. I have no idea what it is about travelling that wears a person down.

The next the technician came, on time I might add, and fixed our furnace.   It did not take him that long either. About an hour, max. After he finished his work, he explained what was wrong, clean up then left. Well, he left after scheduling me for a tune in six months. They really are the best in the business.

Fall camping for anyone

thCEUD6EABThis is going to be the best weekend ever. I am so excited; it is going to be amazing. I am all packed up; my stuff is waiting by the front door. I have my itinerary together. My friends and I are planning a camping trip. We are going up in the woods, unplugging and back to nature. Just us. No cell phone service, sleeping in tents so that means no electricity. Every year we take a trip to unwind and get away, after the area, I just had this coming right on time.

I love all the things that we do. The drive up pack full of fun. We sing all the great hits from the nineties, talk, or nap. Then as soon as we get there, we start to prepare the site. I know other people have different ways of setting up the site, but this is the way we do it.

Time to unload

After we get to the site, we all pitch in and unload the van. This can take a while but we never stray from the routine. During this time, we also separate all the items, putting the kitchens things in one area, separate people’s personal things, tents, everything that was packed and shoved into that van comes out.


After everything has been unloaded and separated into piles. We always start with the setting up the kitchen. This means the kitchen tent is pitch; food items and cookware are placed into the tent. Securely under lock and key to ensure that animals do not ravished it while we are fast asleep. Once the tent has been pitched and the things put away, we dig a pit for the fire. Which leads us to the next step in the setting up camp.

Gather firewood

A few of us guys take to the woods to gather enough wood and timber to keep the fire going for out length of stay, this is usually seven to ten days. Arm with an axe and a wheel barrel in the matter of an hour and a half, we have gathered enough wood twigs. Then the bonfire is build and the extra wood is placed aside and covered. Just in case it rains, no one wants to struggle to light a fire because the wood is wet. If that is not an impossible task, I do not know what is.

Everyone has to go; now it is time to create a place to go

After all, of that we still need a piece to use the bathroom. Where we camp at out in Mother Nature there is not any plumbing or bathroom. That means after the kitchen, firewood, and unpacking at this time, we stake out a place to set up the “facilities”. This consist of a plastic cover over a bucket. Whoever uses the bucket must take it out and bury the excrement. A pole is staked into the ground and rolls of toilet paper is placed there for whoever needs to use it along with some wipes.


After all, of this we set up our tents and relax. Some read, others fish, and of course there is hunting and trapping. Whatever the heart desire, out here there is no obligations to have to be anywhere or do anything. I know one of my friends that spend his time sleeping for the first three days. I am so serious.


I realize that not everyone is into this type of camping, but for us it is the bee’s knees. I love leaving the bustling and relaxing with nature. After a week or so of this, I am ready to return home and get back to the regular world. It does a lot to boost up morale and energy. I also found that I appreciate my daily life a whole lot better than before I set out camping.

Landscaping Tips and Pointers

thBLADA5EOWhen creating and designing your landscape take great consideration of the tree pruning. A properly pruned tree will become stronger, healthier, more valuable, and better looking on the eyes. When creating a landscaping scheme this is crucial. Just think how unappealing it would be if you were entire yard is green and lush but you neglected to attend to the trees.

A yard with trees that are care for and shaped can add value to any home or property.

If you are unsure if your trees needs to be pruned check for these sure tell, signs that now is the time to start pruning your trees.

When looking up at the branches of any of your trees and you noticed that the branches are crossing in complete disorder then that tree can use a little pruning. Those trees that show signs of weak branch conjunction or anything that seems wrong and improper means it is time to prune.

Another giveaway is if there are any branches that appear to be dying, sick or disease, crumbly and decaying or if the branches pose a hazard to you, your family members, friends, or even motorist or pedestrian Take care of these branches before you municipality issue you a citation. Forcing you to not only have to pay someone to prune the tree but you will most likely have to pay the cost of the citation. Take care of it before this becomes your situation.

With the summer just passed and winter quickly approaching we have all have to deal with storms of all kinds. These storms may leave tree damage among other type of damages in their wake. If you have this type of damage in your yard then it is time to have those trees pruned.

One of the most obviously indicators that it has time to have your landscape trees prune is if they have grown entirely too big. So much so that you are now afraid that they will cause property damage to yourself or your neighbors. On the other hand, they may cause some type of injury to people who may take refuge under it from the rain or children who may play under its shade.

By pruning your tree, you are investing in your home. As I mentioned before they add value to any property in fact properly cared for trees can increase a property’s value fifteen to twenty percent! Bet you did not know that.

Creating a landscape that is filled with pruned and trim trees add beauty to homes, neighborhoods, and city streets. They filter our air for us without question. Without even expecting, anything from us humans accepts a little carbon dioxide that we emit in spades. Amazingly, there are studies that proves that living near trees also has a direct effect on our mood and general well-being. Those that live with trees nearby are reported to suffer less from mental illness such as depression, fatigue, and mental fog than those that do not live near any trees.

Do yourself a favor and prune those trees, you will feel the benefits of that investment tenfold.

That’s when I knew

thBHLIQL7RSitting on a park bench, with nowhere to go, just watching life pass me by I found my calling in life. I was not much older than about fifteen years old. I remember it quite vividly. It was a crisp fall day; well actually, it was more of a fall evening.

Sometimes after school before making, my way home I would ran the perimeter of the park. Something I did for fun, I have no idea why or when I started running, but I always remember doing so. That day was not any different. After school I would change my clothes and jog to the park then do a few laps after that, I would run the rest of the way to my home.

Nevertheless, that that day it was not a bit different. I instead of immediately going home after my run in the park, I sat down and just chilled out for a few minutes. It was while I was sitting on this bench and drinking a Gatorade. I was just taken in the sights, you know. I remember thinking to myself, there are a lot more ways that the city could have arranged this park so that more people could enjoy it, and utilize it. It dawn on me that I was always the only person in this park. as much time as I spent in this particular there was never anyone else in really, occasionally they would some people cutting through, using it as their personal shortcut. Onto to their next destination but really no one actually used this park as their destination.

The park is a decent park. It was centrally located within our town. It was spacious and the potential for greatness was all there. It was just an underuse part of the city, like the forgotten part of our town.

After I finished my Gatorade, I ran the distant to my house.

In my house we always, or rather my parents’ house, we always had dinner together as a family. I am telling it was hard to get out it too. Many times, I wanted to do something else doing this time but after trying to explain and plea my case to my mom and dad that it was not worth the effort. Ultimately, I would just stay for dinner.

After I showered, finished up some homework, my mom called us to dinner. As we, all sat there enjoying my mom’s lasagna, toss salad, and breadsticks. I brought up the park. How underutilize it is, that it was a diamond waiting to be cleaned up.

After listening to me, my father suggested I go down to civil hall for one of the town’s meetings, and make a suggestion to the leaders. If I felt so strong about it, and it seems as if I do, then I should mention. There is a great chance that I was not alone in my thinking. He encourage me formulate a plan, write it down, and present it to the board. I told him I would think about it and continued my dinner, after finishing eating I ask to be excuse. I cleared my plate and went into my room.

I eventually listen to my father and constructed a simple but concise plan for converting the abandon park into a useful part of our city.

It was at this moment that pinpointed my career. Now I fly around the country reviving forgotten parts of cities and towns. All from that time, I took in a park I went to almost every day. As well as my father suggesting I bring forth my ideas to the city council.